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By the Community.
For the Community. With the Community.

Loving Heart Multi-Service Centre (LHMSC) is a community builder first founded to serve the needs of residents in the Yuhua community, which spans the entire spectrum of the able, the vulnerable, and the marginalised.


Today, as an Active Ageing Centre (AAC) and SG Cares Volunteer Centre (VC), we are committed to building a caring and resilient community. Together with key community stakeholders, we each bring our strength to co-create a system of care to meet the evolving needs of our communities.

Medical Escort and Transport

We provide psycho-social care support and medical escort. 


We welcome new ideas for old problems. Explore them with us.

Young Changemakers

Volunteer with us to make the lives of others better. You will learn from the volunteering experience.

Grocery Aid Sponsor

Help us raise funds to continue our servcies to the vunerable and the community.

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