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Our Programmes & Services

Loving Heart offers an inclusive and holistic range of programmes and services to address the needs of the Yuhua community be it families, seniors or the vulnerable.


We strive to improve their quality of life and resilience by fostering meaningful reciprocal connections where mutual respect, trust and purpose can be found through every engagement.


Medical Escort and Transport (MET) 

Our MET staff and volunteers accompany and transport individuals with mobility difficulties and disabilities to and from their medical appointments.

*Depending on the client's assessed financial means, a fee may be payable to LHMSC.

Meals On Us

Through the MOU meal vouchers, we  provide daily hot meals for residents in need.*


These residents include vulnerable seniors, and needy individuals and families.

*This service is only available to residents of Yuhua and some parts of Jurong East.

Sound Mind Soft Heart (SMSH)

We take a gentle approach to build mental wellness.The cornerstone of this programme is a:

  • Sound Mind – to be reflective and self-aware, practice self-care and mindfulness

  • Soft Heart – to be good-hearted and gentle, caring and pro-social

Respite Care

We provide respite care for caregivers to take time-off for self-care.


Our befrienders will engage the care recipient loved ones meaningfully by focusing on stimulating their minds and building cognitive capacity.

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Programmes & Services

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