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SG Cares Volunteer Centre for Jurong East Town

Loving Heart was appointed as the first Volunteer Centre in Singapore by SG Cares Office in 2018. 

As a Volunteer Centre, we hope to enrich every volunteer’s journey with us and share best practices models and resources for fellow Social Service Agencies (SSA) in the Jurong district. 

We believe in the power of collectivity where all SSAs can learn and grow from one another.

Volunteer Development


Sometimes we come to crossroads in life and wonder: What is the impact that I want to make in life? What can the future be like for me? I need help, who can give me the support I need? How can I continue to contribute to the community after I retire?

More often than not, what we need to clear our doubts and take the next decisive step is an inspiring story shared by someone who has "been there, done that".


Let us know your story and experience whether as a volunteer, donor, partner, or service user and share it with the community!


Join our SGCares Volunteer Centre @ Jurong East WhatsApp or Telegram Channel to stay updated about the latest volunteering opportunities in Jurong East!

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