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Our Aspirations

Loving Heart is committed to the principles of the new social compact.

Loving Heart will support the efforts of the Yuhua community to build community capital.

We will mobilise people to benefit from national policies such as Healthier SG. We will bring health to your doorstep and help create a healthy community.

Volunteers will be equipped with new skills to work in the new integrated care environment.

We will tap into the assets of our community to address the needs of the residents and make the Yuhua community even stronger.


Our Approach 

We believe in building social networks for an eco-system that connects residents, the business community, public agencies, grant givers and other well-wishers.

Because of our inclusive philosophy,

we welcome all who sincerely want to serve – whether episodic or regular. We want to give everybody the opportunity to volunteer and discover for themselves the joy of volunteering


We bring people together for Good by giving purpose and dignity


We make a difference to the lives we touch


  • People at the Centre

  • Trust

  • Mutual Respect

  • Ethical Behaviour

  • Commitment

"My wife and I had a enjoyable time with the students . In the time I spent with the students, it was an eye opener with the efforts the school undertook to let the students experience mingling with us seniors. They exhibited patience and tried gently to explain what their activity was all about and it was a good opportunity for me to have so many ‘grandchildren’ to interact with.."

John Wee 

Service User

Meet The Board

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